The Best Age to Give a Smartphone to a Kid

What an idea! Waiting until a child is at least 14 years old before giving them a smartphone, as suggested by the organization "Wait Until 8th."
Jerzy Rajkow, Gosia Rajkow 3 min read
The Best Age to Give a Smartphone to a Kid

Are you wondering when the best time is to give your child a smartphone? You're not alone. Many parents struggle with this decision, and today, we want to discuss an organization called "Wait Until 8th" that has a powerful suggestion for parents: wait until your child is at least 14 years old before giving them a smartphone.

Why 14? According to the organization and psychologist Jonathan Haidt,

waiting until the end of puberty is crucial for a child's mental health.

During puberty, children have a strong need to fit in and are constantly checking in with their peers. Introducing a smartphone during this time can lead to negative effects on their mental health, as they are exposed to powerful algorithms that can provide enraging or harmful content.

Adults also have a problem with that

Even adults can struggle with the impact of smartphones and social media on their mental health. So, if it's difficult for grown-ups, imagine how much harder it is for children going through puberty. This is why some experts, like Haidt, believe that waiting until the end of puberty is essential.

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However, some people argue that even 14 might be too young. We suggest waiting until a child is 21 or even avoiding smartphones altogether.

Are there lost opportunities?

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