Teenage iPhone Rebellion in Brooklyn

It was a typical Sunday evening in Brooklyn, but something extraordinary ensued.
Jerzy Rajkow, Gosia Rajkow 3 min read
Teenage iPhone Rebellion in Brooklyn

In today's fast-paced, digitally-driven world, we've noticed an intriguing phenomenon taking place among a group of teenagers in Brooklyn, New York. These young individuals are rebelling against the manipulative nature of social media and tech companies that capitalize on addictive and destructive behaviors induced by their services and apps. As a response, they've formed the "Teenage iPhone Rebellion," where they gather in an analog way, meeting in person every Sunday at Prospect Park to read books, draw, and simply relax in nature.

A genuine need

This initiative is a breath of fresh air in a world where face-to-face interactions are becoming increasingly rare. Unlike the forced return to offices, these gatherings are a response to the genuine needs of these teenagers, who crave in-person connections without the interference of technology. We can't help but admire their purposeful and conscious stance against the dangers posed by tech companies and social media.

One teenager described the positive impact of switching from a smartphone to a flip phone, saying it allowed them to use their brain and observe themselves as a person. We can relate to this sentiment, having ditched our own smartphones and other forms of intrusive technology like TV and radio to reclaim control over our lives and reduce the amount of manipulation and bad communication we were allowing into our homes.

Teenage iPhone Rebellion in Brooklyn - Ralph Nader
By Ralph Nader January 14, 2023 Every Sunday about a dozen high school teenagers gather without their iPhones on a little hill in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, USA. They form a circle and quietly start to read serious books (Dostoevsky, Boethius) (paperbacks or hardbacks), or draw in sketchbooks, or just…

We're out of our natural habitat

The tech corporations that have created smartphones, social media, and infinite scrolling are separating people for hours each day, robbing them of the opportunity for in-person interactions and learning from one another. By doing so, they're taking human beings out of their natural habitat and placing them in a realm that doesn't serve their best interests.

The article also mentions a law firm called Beasley Allen, which handles lawsuits against social media companies filed by teenagers who became addicted to social media and suffered serious mental health consequences like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and more. The existence of such lawsuits indicates the widespread and severe nature of the problem.

Old phone
Photo by M.S. Meeuwesen / Unsplash


We wholeheartedly applaud the teenagers behind the Teenage iPhone Rebellion for their efforts to foster genuine human connections and resist the manipulative digital services and products that have become so pervasive in our lives. We hope that their actions spark a worldwide movement, inspiring others to rebel against iPhones, tablets, and other digital distractions.

We invite you to join the conversation and share your thoughts on this topic. Together, we can explore the benefits of reclaiming our lives from the grip of technology and rediscovering the joy of authentic human connection.

Have a great week, and remember to take a step back from the digital world to appreciate the beauty of genuine human connections.

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