Productivity: A Tale of Trust and Autonomy

Global worker productivity is declining, possibly due to forced return-to-office policies. These policies might be eroding trust and autonomy, essential fuels for productivity.
Jerzy Rajkow 2 min read
Productivity: A Tale of Trust and Autonomy
Photo by Jerzy Rajkow

In an age defined by its relentless pace and technological advancements, a curious event has transpired. Productivity, long heralded as the metric of success, has seen a staggering decline. And not just within the confines of the U.S., but across borders, from the bustling streets of London to the sunny coasts of Australia.

Now, some might argue that productivity is merely a number, subject to the whims of economic fluctuations. Yet, the numbers told a story of disconnection, perhaps even disillusionment.

The Great RTO Debate

There's something about being compelled to do something against one's wishes. The sentiment echoes the sentiments of countless employees across major corporations, finding themselves caught in the vortex of Return-To-Office (RTO) mandates. Their voices speak of a loss, not just of physical freedom but of trust.

The tremors of these mandates resonate far and wide. From Amazon to Apple, the narrative is eerily similar—employees asking for a voice in a decision that impacts their daily lives. A decision that, for many, reshapes the very dynamics of trust with their employers.

Photo by Jerzy Rajkow

Trust: The Pillar of Productivity

According to the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), trust – it seems – is not just an abstract concept but the very bedrock of productivity.

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