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For five whole years (!) – from 2018 to 2023 – well before the pandemic and way before it was "trendy", we didn't use smartphones. At all. Our kids have phones, but those are dumb phones and they will never use a smartphone. It's on purpose, it's by design.

Smartphones are very addictive.

And yet – we were not fired, we did not lose contact with people around us, we're sane, safe and better than ever.

If you struggle with your smartphone addiction, the best way to heal is to get rid of the smartphone, since it's much easier to stop using addictive tech than to try to control its use or limit it.

With a phone that just allows for calls and for texts you will rapidly see which smartphone functions you really need and which are just an addiction that can be managed.  

The questions immediately arise:

  • But which dumb phone to choose and why?
  • Maybe I can just dumb-down my smartphone?
  • What will I do in a new city, if I'm lost?
  • How will I find a cool place to spend time with my friends?
  • How will I take photos?
  • How will I receive my 2FA codes?
  • Will I be cut-off from my banking services?

We'll be launching consulting services related to digital pragmatism and transitioning into using dumb phones (or feature phones, as the companies call them today).

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Digital Pragmatism

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