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Gosia, here is a path you might try. It's a bit of a long shot and would take some time, but it's an option:

1. Record a video profiling your product. No sales pitch. Demonstrate how the journal is used by both parent and child. Include a testimonial stating why as a parent you feel this product is necessary and your motivations for creating it. Give the viewer an honest look at how this idea came to be.

2. Search for family health organizations that make use of products such as yours. I did a search and found one called Family Links in Oxford England. They have an online shop where a journal such as yours would be right at home.

3. Contact these organizations and request informational sessions. Send ahead the video so the person with whom you speak will be familiar with your idea. But make it clear you are not trying to sell them anything.

4. Meet with individuals from these organizations. Pick their brains, and do your best to find out by what channels they learned about the products they offer today. Request introductions with anyone they think might care to know about your product's existence. Create a goal of landing the biggest list of contacts within that community as you can. If you are able to do this, you might be able to better understand how a product such as yours might find footing in the marketplace.

5. At this point, you can then go back to contacting bloggers, etc. Only this time, you can let them know the names of organizations with whom you've been meeting about your product. These bloggers might not be immediately interested in you or your journal, but they may very well be interested in who you have been meeting with. They are looking to market themselves as well, after all. They may begin to see you as a person who has a knack for networking, and be more willing to discuss opening their audience to you.

Again, it's a long shot to be honest, but it might be better than simply cold calling. Best of luck with this!

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