Sep 11, 2020 • 43M

Greg Albrecht - Albrecht&Partners

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Intentional technology use. Mindful productivity. Counter-cultural family life. Hosted by a family living in a forest, with no TV and not consuming news/social media.
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Greg Albrecht is the guest of today's episode. Greg is an executive advisor and strategist, a coach, an investor, and a co-founder at Albrecht&Partners. We are going to talk about how to use coaching to improve business capability and also about all the analog things that are not technically related.

  • What has Greg's path looked like - did he always know that he will become a coach and an advisor?

  • At what point did Greg decide that he needs to find a coach for his personal development - how did it affect his life?

  • What is the difference between psychotherapy and coaching - how to choose the best option for yourself?

  • Is there a certain cause that more and more people need therapy and coaching nowadays - how does the availability and awareness of these tools affect it?

  • What are Greg's favorite strategies that he uses in helping people to rearrange their lives - what kind of technics Greg applies as a coach?

  • Why exploring is a good tactic for coaching - how the details of the situation can give you the answers you need?

  • How to deal with people who are not ready for a change - how to balance between opportunity and stability?

  • How meditation can affect your personal and business life - what kind of benefits can you expect?

  • Is it possible to use technology wisely - what are the upsides and downsides of using the internet?

  • What are Greg's favorite analog rituals - what kind of productivity tools does Greg use?