Jan 22 • 12M

Don't change cameras, don't change apps - Jerzy's goals for 2023

Jerzy used to think that sharing his goals would keep him from achieving them. That's why he never shared with anyone what he wanted to achieve. But now, he believes 2023 will be different.

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Intentional technology use. Mindful productivity. Counter-cultural family life. Hosted by a family living in a forest, with no TV and not consuming news/social media.
Episode details
  • Trust your gut-feeling

  • Don't work for a certain type of clients

  • Start writing something

  • Don't change something electronic

  • Don't change something paper

  • Don't change a tool

  • Don't change another tool

  • Run daily

  • OMAD keto

  • Create daily

  • Don't monetise the podcast using ad-reads

  • A secret goal