My EDC (everyday carry)

What I carry every day.
Jerzy Rajkow 2 min read
My EDC (everyday carry)

Left pocket

The most important pocket since I am right handed.

Punkt MP02 - a minimalist phone that is making me a better person, a better father and that is lowering my base level of dopamine.

Hobonichi Techo Weeks - this replaces my smartphone because it allows me to note where I should be and at what time. It's a weekly calendar and it has two ribbon bookmarks, because on one side it can show me the actual week, and on the second one it takes me directly to a place inside the notepad where I can freely note things.

There's a lot of pages for notes in this notebook, I appreciate it. And because I don't have anything else to make notes, this is perfect. Why I am using the weekly one? It's because I want to see all my meetings for the week and on the right page next to those meetings I have all the tasks for the week. The place for the weekly tasks is limited and it prevents me from over-scheduling myself.

This setup also lets me procrastinate a little bit: I am noting when the task is due with a little dot on the left of the task. When I am not able to do the task at a given day, I am adding a second dot. Later - a third dot. So the more dots I see, the more I have procrastinated and the more I feel the urge to close the topic. It works for me, maybe it'll work for you also?

Right pocket

Mammut - a wallet. But not an ordinary one - this one is waterproof, because I'm a motorcyclist and sometimes I’m caught in the rain without my waterproof pants. So this saves my money and my documents. What next?

Tactile Turn Side Click - a pen? Yes, because I am using a notepad, I need a pen. This is a pen with a Parker compatible Schneider Gelion 39 0,4mm black refill inside. This is a gel refill that dries pretty quickly, so it's adequate for the “tomoe river” paper used in the Hobonichi notepad. This paper is a very, very thin and coated paper, which is not bleeding through, but as a consequence of the coating, the ink takes some time drying on it. And this gel refill is not taking ages to dry on this paper.

The pen itself is a limited edition one - it was on sale during two weeks, sometime last year or early this year. It has some orange accents and orange is my favorite color, so that is why this pen is in my pocket.

WESN Micro Blade - a little knife. It's just to cut small things or to open packages (mainly), it's very handy because it's so small and it's not really dangerous. I don't want to carry around a very sharp dangerous knife - I have two kids and, you know, it can be risky with kids at times.

A small flashlight - attached to my keys. It's small, but very bright. You know, I'm 45 years old and basically my eyesight is getting a little less performant - I sometimes need a flashlight to search for items that are somewhere in black places.

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