I wasted the Last 10 Years

I spent 10 years searching for the perfect app, only to realize it doesn't exist. Key productivity concepts like time blocking and bidirectional notes work best for me.
Jerzy Rajkow 2 min read
I wasted the Last 10 Years
Photo by Jerzy Rajkow

Once, like many, I found myself entangled in the web of technological advancements, convinced that somewhere amidst the digital cosmos was an app tailored just for me—a digital savior to streamline my chaos. It wasn’t vanity that drove me; it was the allure of seamless productivity.

For a decade, I danced from one application to another, each promising a newfound efficiency. A seductive dance, but one that led me farther from the truth.

The truth was simple yet profound: no singular application could be my panacea. And it took me 10 years to accept that.

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Realizations and Revelations

It wasn't that these tools were devoid of value. On the contrary, I encountered revolutionary concepts. Bidirectional notes, for instance, became instrumental in how I processed and connected information. Time blocking, a seemingly simple strategy, transformed how I approached my daily tasks.

But the journey came at a cost. Every switch to a new tool, every adaptation to a novel system, demanded a piece of me. There were trade-offs, sacrifices. If I chose the analog charm of a paper calendar over a digital tool, I gave up certain conveniences.

Photo by Jerzy Rajkow

Embracing the Trade-offs

With every desire, every want, there’s an attached problem—an inherent trade-off. This understanding was monumental. Instead of hunting the elusive, I began to ask:

What problem am I willing to accept?

Such reflection led me back to the foundational strategies I'd discovered years ago. Time blocking still stood the test of time, guiding my hours with purpose. Bidirectional linking of notes, a revelation from the days of Roam Research, remained unparalleled in its efficacy.

Yet, the bitter-sweet symphony of life played on. I had, in essence, circled back to where I'd begun, realizing that amidst the fervor of my quest, I had lost precious time. A decade, to be exact.

A Journey Forward

It's not easy admitting that time, once thought productively spent, feels wasted. But here I stand, wiser, urging you to learn from my odyssey. Sometimes, the answers aren't out there in the vast digital expanse, but within, in understanding oneself and one's unique needs.

So, let this be a clarion call. Let's not lose ourselves in the ceaseless quest for the 'perfect'. Instead, let's embrace the beauty of imperfections, of trade-offs, and of self-awareness.

Questions to ponder:

  1. Have you been on a similar quest for the 'perfect' tool or solution?
  2. What productivity strategies resonate most with you?
  3. What trade-offs are you willing to accept for better productivity?
  4. Do you often find yourself switching tools or methods, hoping for a miraculous improvement?
  5. How do you define 'productivity' in your life?
  6. Are you open to the idea that simplicity might be more effective than complexity?
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