Don't change cameras, don't change apps - Jerzy's goals for 2023

Jerzy used to think that sharing his goals would keep him from achieving them. That's why he never shared with anyone what he wanted to achieve. But now, he believes 2023 will be different.
Jerzy Rajkow 2 min read
Don't change cameras, don't change apps - Jerzy's goals for 2023

Until recently, I believed that sharing goals was pointless. However, as we enter 2023, I've decided to share my personal goals for the year. This is a significant departure from my previous mindset, which held that sharing goals could lead to complacency and a lack of motivation to achieve them. Nevertheless, I'm hopeful that 2023 will be different, and I'm eager to share my objectives with you.


My first goal for 2023 is to trust my gut feeling more. I've realized that over the past 45 years, I haven't trusted my instincts enough, often overthinking situations and making poor decisions as a result. In the coming year, I aim to rely more on my intuition.

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Unfortunately, I cannot disclose my second goal, as it is work-related. My third goal, however, is to avoid working with Polish clients. As a Polish individual, this may seem harsh, but my experiences as a business owner and freelancer have led me to prefer working with foreign clients who offer better cooperation and respect.


My fourth goal is to start writing a book. While I don't expect to complete it this year, I believe that taking the first step is crucial. The book will draw on my 20 years of corporate experience, and I hope it will provide valuable insights for readers.


Fifth, I aim to stick with my current productivity apps: Things, Missive, and Reflect. I've experimented with numerous tools over the years, but I believe these apps suit my work style best.


I also plan to continue using my Rhodia A6 soft cover notebook for ideation and the Livework A5 notebook for time blocking.


For my seventh goal, I intend to stop testing new headphones and stick with my Audio-Technica MSR7b's. They offer excellent sound quality and are comfortable to wear.


Similarly, my eighth goal is to stop changing cameras and continue using the DJI Pocket 2 for vlogging and the Fujifilm X-E4 for long-form content and photography.


In terms of health and fitness, my ninth goal is to run daily. Running has numerous physical and mental benefits, and I want to make it a consistent part of my routine.


Additionally, my tenth goal is to follow a ketogenic diet and eat one meal a day (OMAD).


My eleventh goal is to create content daily, focusing on podcasting with guests and YouTube. I aim to publish at least two pieces of content per week, prioritizing depth over breadth.


Lastly, my twelfth goal is to reach out to three to four brands for long-term partnerships when monetizing my podcast, rather than relying on ads.

In conclusion, these are my personal goals for 2023. While my co-host, Gosia, has her own set of objectives, I hope that sharing mine will inspire others to reflect on their aspirations for the year ahead.

If you feel comfortable, please share your goals for 2023 in the comments (you'll have to subscribe for free to unlock commenting, though).

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