Who are we?

Who are we?

Digital Pragmatism is an independent publication launched in 2021 by Gosia and Jerzy Rajkow.

We talk about intentional technology use, mindful productivity, digital minimalism and offer very opinionated, counter-cultural strategies to live – as well as raise and educate children. 

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Contact us

We prefer email - you can reach us at mail@digitalpragmatism.com

No algorithm

We hate algorithms. Maybe because we remember cassette tapes. A cassette tape was a medium, just like a platform is a medium today.

A cassette never decided whether you will hear the next song or not.

A platform does – and it's precisely why we don't use any platform. Our main publication is this website, whereas for discoverability purposes we use a podcasting RSS feed and Youtube to publish our podcasts and vlogs.

All our content can be found here.

Three podcasting microphones on boom arms at a teble with headphones in shot.
Photo by Jonathan Farber / Unsplash


Our main and preferred medium is podcasts. We record our episodes both with guests and without them – the topics range from

  • criticizing exploitative tech business models,
  • advocating for intentional tech use,
  • praising analog tools,
  • preaching mindful productivity


  • answering important parenting questions like "should I give a smartphone to my kid?".


Since 2012, Jerzy is vlogging. He started in Polish – which was a big error, since Polish people were not ready yet for vlogs, which in consequence resulted in a very bad commenter-experience for Jerzy at the time – and since 2021 Jerzy is vlogging in English.

We publish those vlogs here as well.

Digital Pragmatism

Intentional technology use. Mindful productivity.

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